Show router (IP/Name) in windows network neighbourhood

I just reinstalled my RPI4 new this weekend, the rather old snapshot did not survive an sysupgrade.
I was curious for the "Rpi4 < $(community_build)" and installed that. Everything is fine.

What I am missing now is a small software package I once installed with Opkg/webinterface which made the Router appearing in the windows network neighbourhood named "OpenWRT Router" (non configurable) and double clicking the button opened a web page with the router's IP and the properties showed some information.
A small package not doing more of that. found while search for something like upnp or service announcement stuff, but it was very simple. And I do not remember it's name!
Does somebody know what I am asking about and tell me this neat packages's name?

Perhaps this page might be helpful:

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All those software on this wiki page are not his one which I do not remember the name from.
I did not manage to make Avahi or mdns* stuff to make the router show of as an icon in the network neighbourhood. And umdns is using the routers hostname as name, I remember the tiny software I installed was hardcoded to name the router "OpenWRT Router".

I think quite sure the package I meant is miniupnpd. I found out via
Windows 10 OpenWrt name - Installing and Using OpenWrt - OpenWrt Forum

I can not verify actually since I am running an unstable community build which has conflicting packages miniupnpd and miniupnpd-igdv2 which I ca not cole at the moment.

Marking solved.

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