Setting up Linksys EA8300

I'm setting up my EA8300 router and I've noticed the warnings about the IPQ40XX devices on the latest builds. Specifically the install instructions for the router mentioning the 3MB kernel partition needing to be increased after installing, and an open bug report that says the latest snapshots are not bootable as seen here on Github.
My questions are, with these 2 things in mind, what is the newest version I should be able to safely flash and is this only affecting dev snapshot builds or is the stable branch also affected?

I will answer based on my experience of the MR8300.
Actually the safest is 22.03.3 stable. Both 22.03 snapshot and master snapshot fail to boot. I'm not even sure that 22.03.4 will boot.

EDIT : there is no need to change the kernel partition size for installing a 22.03 stable. This is only need for a snapshot (and future 23.xx) ... that actually doesn't boot due to a kernel bug.

I see. Stable should be ok then, thanks. I'll get that installed now.

I have three EA8300 and have had no problems with them. The latest stables runs great.

Right, but it does still say you should change the partition size for future updates and it won't affect even the stock firmware. There's a fairly generous amount of flash so an extra 2MB used won't hurt. I'll be ready for updates when it's stable.
Thanks for the answer, I have the stable 23.03.3 loaded now and it's working well as a bridge with relayd.

I know ... I wrote this in the wiki :joy:

If you can, use WDS instead. It renders better performance and has easier configuration. I'm using this on the MR8300.