WiFi speed does not reach more than 400mbps

Hello, I have read many forums on here but none seems to work. I'm using a Linksys EA8300 and it was previously okay as I only had 100mbps connection. Now that I have 600mbps, I have noticed that the 5ghz wifi (both radios) could not reach more than 400mbps. The ethernet speed is just fine even without software/hardware offloading but the wifi speed is not. I tried deleting the default SSID config and create a new one, that seem to have increased the theoretical throughput of thr 5ghz radios to 866mbps instead of the previous 400mbps but the wifi speeds could not quite get there still. For context, this router has quad core 700mhz* cpu, and 256mb flash and memory. I have since been using it with the stock firmware as it has no problem getting me the maximum internet speed that way. I really want to keep using openwrt and hopefully someone can suggest a few things I should try. I can switch between openwrt and stock firmware with ease since this router has two partitions, so fire away with the suggestions and I 'll try them! Thanks!

Please post content of /etc/config/wireless
I know the device as I have a MR8300. Don't forget to redact private elements such as passwords.

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866 Mpbs as you say is maximum theorical speed. You must consider all the overhead that WiFi carries with it, so reality is that you will get between 40%-60% of those 866 Mpbs. 400 Mbps sounds good to me.


Exactly, you'd be looking for 802.11ax based (2x2) devices to achieve 750-800 MBit/s (in close proximity).

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Screenshot 2023-10-27 110157

Hi, I don't know half of what these mean but here it is. Let me know if it's not what you're looking for.

I just find it weird/inconsistent that the stock firmware can achieve those speeds but a highly configurable openwrt could not. I mean, what's the difference? What kind of limitations does openwrt have that prevents it from maximizing the hardware of the router?

Have you set the country code for your interfaces? I'm not seeing option country in your config wifi-device sections. This determines the maximum transmit power and allowed frequency bands for the radios, which might explain the discrepancies you're seeing. This is not set by default since OpenWrt is used all over the world, unlike stock firmware which can assume specific geographic markets depending on the model sold.

Wait, what? The stock firmware won't achieve the theoretical 866 Mbps either, full stop.

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I'm on a 600mbps symmetrical speed, and the stock firmware can reach 700-800mbps during off-peak hours.

First things first: 866Mbps is the signalling rate when using 80MHz in 2x2 mode. That rate will never be achieved because of things such as CSMA/CD and gurad intervals. In reallity most you can hope for in 802.11ac is around 500-550Mbps. Which is probably what you are getting with the vendor firmware.

In OpenWRT your hardware - IPQ409x doesn't have hardware flow offloading and probably won't have for a long time as Qualcomm's NSS in the current state cannot be merged in the linux kernel.

However, you should not be getting just 400Mbps, because even without NSS your device still has a quad core CPU and should be able to handle even gigabit speeds fine.

Can you try changing swapping the AC driver from kmod-ath10k-ct to kmod-ath10k and kmod-ath10k-firmware to the one without ct and see if it helps. By swapping I mean uninstalling the installed packages and installing the other ones.

Sorry, but the hardware is physically limited to 2x2 802.11ac/ wave2 and a *link rate" of 866 MBit/s, it is impossible to get 800 MBit/s effective throughput over that (as already mentioned, at best, around half of that). So you must be comparing apples with oranges.


This hardware doesn't ship with NSS cores (ipq806x, ipq807x, ipq60xx, ipq50xx do, ipq40xx does not), just 4*716 MHz ARMv7 cortex a7 (not shabby, but far from high-end as well).

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It's incomplete.
Copy the file with scp, or use the command cat /etc/config/wireless within SSH.

I have just performed huge file transfers from LAN (desktop) to wifi (laptop intel AX200). QCA9886 channel 136 and ipq4019 channel 36. Drivers are non-ct. In both cases it reaches an average of 76 MB/s, so about 600 Mbit/s.

EDIT : just tested with same procotol on stock firmware. Average is 53.6 MB/s

On WiFi with a Tx Rate of 866 Mb/s, putting it simple, not true.