Set network adapter name over ethernet

It's actually only apperance thing, hovewer I really like this small feature. My old ISP router automatically sets network adapter name to own name (it's displayed for eg. in windows menu, this where you can select what networks you can connect). After chaning router to netgear with openwrt I can't find simillar feature and my network name is name choosen by Windows:

I'd like it to be for eg. "Home Network". I don't like to change it manually on windows - when I'd connect new device it should automatically display "Home Network".

And it's important - It's NOT wireless connection, I have my PC only connected using ethernet cable (I don't even have WI-FI adapter in PC)

mDNS? Avahi? Zeroconf?

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  • But what if you selected Public?
  • What did the router set the name to?
  • Your picture is not in English, can you translate?
  • Please explan what the example picture described

It's appears to be Polish;

Siec > Network 17

Polaczona > Connected

This will get rid of 1~16 giving just the current Ethernet Connected Router.

The Hostname entry does not populate the Registry. If this happened in the past it is "Window Patch Tuesday Ancient History". .. I do not know a different method on Windows than to edit the Registry in the profile in question.


`HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList\Profiles

Double-click on the “ProfileName”
Type the new name in the Value Data field and click on the “Ok” button.`


Right, but it still doesn't resolve my issue. I want to my router to broadcast their name and Windows shloud show this router name instead this "Network ". It actually happens when you connect your device using Wi-Fi, but not when you connect it with Ethernet cable. Although I connected this PC to same network using Wi-Fi in the past. Maybe Windows cached it somehow and still displays Wi-Fi name even if it's not wireless connection any more. Neverthless I still pray it's not a bug and it's somehow possible to achieve.

I don't actually think it's mDNS. I don't mind about hostnames. I'd like go my windows would display for eg. router name as network name - like I mentioned it currently does this for Wireless connection - I expect to do the same also for wired connection

It is not a bug.

I can’t say that I know exactly how windows derives the “name”’of a wired network, but this functionality is not based on any Ethernet standards. It is likely something with mdns or some other inferred metadata. I am not aware of any other operating system that has this feature (because this isn’t something that is really part of any networking standards), but I know that with windows it is purely cosmetic.


This explanation suggests that windows will associate the WiFi ssid as the name for the Ethernet connection if the router presents the same MAC on both the Ethernet and WiFi interfaces (and that also assumes that the WiFi has been connected first).

There are a bunch of pages that show up with basic google searches about how to change/correct the Ethernet network name on windows. It involves editing the registry.

But it is worth reiterating, this is not a feature of Ethernet. It is a windows cosmetic thing only, and it only works in certain situations.


In this case my problem seems to be resolved, since it can't be done automatically...

Hovewer still thanks everyone for responses!


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