SerComm RV6699

Hello everybody!
I have an old SerComm RV6699 router. I would like to install the OpenWRT firmware on it, but it is not in the list of supported devices.
Tell me, please, what can be done?

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This broadcom device: ?
Or do you have a different version?

Just written RV6699. Version 2 is not written.

I read it on the forum, there is no version v1. According to the photos, I have version v2.

Nobody knows that?

What can be done: you can port, test and author OpenWrt for that device...

The point is that OpenWrt is a community effort, and somebody with a device need to investigate and author the "recipe" to adjust OpenWrt for that device. When talking about a rare device with a poorly supported chip (Broadcom), I would not assume anybody to pay attention for it unless you do it by yourself.

Googling (Sercomm + Openwrt) only reveals 10 hits and forum search reveals 19 hits about Sercomm in total, so there has not been much talk about Sercomm devices...

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Yes, Sercomm is not a very popular router.
It is unlikely that I am able to assemble the firmware for it myself, I have no experience in this.
But I was hoping that firmware from some similar device might come up.

Any update? Looks like no good news for BCM68380 SoC... :frowning:

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