BCM68380 device support


BCM68380 is SoC for loads of ONT clients. Very popular, and I would like to install OpenWRT on these devices.

How can I find a person, who could help me with that? May be a donation will help? :slight_smile:

Lots of questions, and don't know how to start. :confused:

It looks like in the case of SoC Broadcom everything is bad. Perhaps it will be better to unite

But where do you start to develop support for another SoC?

2 years after original post and still no support for the BCM68380 :unamused:

What, apart from the mere passing of time, made you believe that this situation would have changed? It's Broadcom after all, it won't be supported in 20 years either.

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Thanks for your message. Since this processor is not very uncommon; I expected it would have been implemented during the time passed.

And despite it being Broadcom there does seems to be enough information out there to get this one implemented.

great, let us know when you're done.

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To expand a little on slh’s answer, it’s very unlikely anyone will choose to create SOC support for a Broadcom device as broadcom make it as difficult as possible to support modern kernels. They provide zero documentation, unless you’re a device vendor, no source code and only target a single, old, kernel revision with their closed source blobs.

To support a Broadcom device a dev would need to write all the kernel support for the SOC themselves and would still be left with a device with no wifi support and very limited functionality.

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