Schedule network reload every week

how to schedule a full network reload every week and not 10 minutes?
not fully understand the logical of the cron commands

this will every 10 minutes, i don't want it
*/10 * * * * /etc/init.d/network restart

what to change to restart every week?

You can use this tool to figure it out:

crontab manual:

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Includes a breakdown of the crontab format...

thanks, i will give it a try
if i understand correctly, it's not fully reboot router but only network lan/wan

I am using WATCHCAT

I use these structure for cron, just need to adapt.
Just copy the comment on the first line of cron to remember.

#min hour day month dayofweek command
0 6 * * *  /bin/sh -c "reboot"

thanks to all of you, i'm using this commands, think that it should do the job:

@weekly  /etc/init.d/network restart

55 5 * * * /sbin/wifi down
00 6 * * * /sbin/wifi up

Once a week it is reasonable to perform full reboot, but you should sleep 70 && touch /etc/banner && reboot

there is a weird bug that after full reboot i have no internet connection and i need to reboot my cable modem, only then my internet is back
so i don't want to make full reboot

You can rewrite this into one line.

More clean, and more easy to remember and adapt

55 5 * * * /sbin/wifi down; sleep 600 ; /sbin/wifi up
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thanks, i have another question - today i disabled DHCP from Luci because my tp-link device is just access point and connected with RJ45 cable with main router of my ISP, my ISP Router is my DHCP server, i did this change to solve tp-link disconnecting randomly, hope this will help
is that correct?

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don't find the pencil and icons you show, but issue solved

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