Samba 4.x package support thread

Support thread for the Samba 4.x package in 19/20/snapshots or my feed Samba 4.x feed .


Softether VPN included, Samba VFS modules are supported and can be added via luci.

For now the samba server is a basic fileserver, without AC-DC, ADS, Cluster and printer support! The size of the Samba4.ipk is around 6.6 MB, so you need a >8MB NVRAM device.

The actual version on 17.01.4 is v3.6 with about 900KB package size

Yes, whats your point?

will build a new version today based on your new feed.
last one works quite nice actually; so again many thanks!

@Andy2244 Sorry for beeing so unspecific. It was more of a note as I was ckecking some facts to see if it is interesting for me.

Feed works brilliant on a WRT1900AC-V2.
will test it later on a R7800 as well


I'm a newbie on LEDE. Is there any step-by-step guide to install the Samba 4 package on my WRT1200AC router?

Thanks in advance.

Depends, are you already compiling/building your own openwrt firmware?

No. I'm a mere LEDE end user.

@DannyPM, is there a special reason, problem you have with the normal samba 3.6? The main reason to use samba4 are better VFS options and modern smb 3.1.1/locking support. If you have no idea what this is, you probably don't need samba4 :stuck_out_tongue:

So, samba 3.6 works just fine for most users and learning to build lede just to replace samba36, instead of downloading a ready to use LEDE image is probably overkill.

There is a guide ofc, but if you never compiled your own kernel or used a linux make/menuconfig system, it will require some reading and basic linux knowledge.

If you manage to build it, adding this feed is described on the github page and is just replacing luci samba with luci-samba4, everything else will be auto selected.

I've attached a storage device on my router but streaming content hasn't been that fluid. I was hoping speed improvements on latest version of samba.

WRT1200AC V2

I updated the feed to samba 4.8.rc2 and the new package size is ~5.6MB (gcc 7.2). I'm also trying to switch to mit-krb5 and enable support for AC-DC, ADS.

Oki switch to mit-krb5 is complete, the old version is in the heimdal branch. I also added a bunch of options, just check menuconfig.

I also started a pull request so maybe this can get merged and you can directly use the package.

PS: You need the master/package branch to build.

Updated to samba-4.8.rc3 and added experimental ad-dc/winbind/avahi support, check the config options.
If you mainly have win10 clients, you only need the "fileserver" package, since netbios is broken in win10 anyway.

You also now need to manually follow the second install step, so e2fsprogs/krb5 get correctly replaced.(check the github readme)

updated to rc4

Currently working with RC3, and that one works great.
Wondering if we shouldn't stay on the stable releases, instead of tracking the bleeding edge release candidates?

I have to stay on 4.8, since it has the needed changes to get it compiled against krb5-1.16. If 4.8 is released i will switch to the stable branch.

PS: Will try to "harass" some devs next week in irc again, maybe i can finally get my pull requests accepted. Its been weeks and i have no clue why, they haven't been merged already.


I followed your instructions but I had an error.
Should I leave e2fsprogs disabled?

Makefile:317: recipe for target '/lede/source/staging_dir/hostpkg/stamp/.e2fsprogs_installed' failed make[3]: *** [/lede/source/staging_dir/hostpkg/stamp/.e2fsprogs_installed] Error 1

Did you use those commands ?

./scripts/feeds clean
./scripts/feeds update -a
./scripts/feeds install -a
./scripts/feeds uninstall krb5
./scripts/feeds install -a -f -p extra

The last step should note that e2fsprogs was replaced by the feed and the updated version is used. You should also not be able to disable e2fsprogs in the menuconfig, since its a dep for the krb5 package.