Samba 4.7.4 (VFS enabled) and Softether-VPN (git) feed (tested on WRT1200AC)


Please use the new topic, since i reworked the makefiles, build process and templates.

Yes, i'm still waiting for this pull request to-be merged, so i can add my patches/changes later. It seems the current state of the pull request has some trouble to compile for all configurations, which i think is a result from the modified internal heimdal version.
My feed uses the external Heimdal package from wongsyrone, which works just fine and needs fewer changes and no extra Samba patches.
The other difference is that my version copies all default samba files, except some large test files, while the pull request only selects the absolute minimum to get the smbd/nmbd service running. I do this to allow more database options and get the vfs module support working.

So until the request is merged, my version here is a temp fix, with the stated restrictions.

In the meantime I compiled for my WNDR 3700/3800, in Ubuntu 17.11, without any modifications. I use the packages also for my WNDR4300.

It took me some time to find out how to enable samba. Looking throught the init file, I found out it had to be something with the "enable" variable. I suggest to change line 160 in (/etc/config/samba4) from
"echo "samba4x is disabled" into
"echo "samba4x is disabled ; change option 'enabled' to '1' in /etc/config/samba4"

I did not yet do any benchmarking to compare samba36 and samba4x.

Thanks for your efforts.

Yes good idea, its the way wongsyrone version was handling the init, the pull request is not using this enabled logic at all. I was under the impression, this "enabled" setting did correspond to the LUCI service tab where you also could enable/disable services. Guess i misinterpreted this, i will just set it to enabled by default and add the comment, thx.

The main advantage of samba4 for our use cases is the ability to use SMB 3.1.1, more file locking options and i like the working vfs support.

PS: My main use case is utilizing Softether to do SMB over WAN via VPN. This did not work nicely with Samba3.6, but i'm quite happy with my Softether/Samba4 setup.

[UPDATE] zip is updated now, so service is enabled by default

No news ti add this to the feed repo?

Nope, the pull request is still in limbo for the last month and atm it failed Travis. I guess no one really wants to maintain and test samba, me included. I still have hopes that hbl0307106015 can fix the problems and maybe i will take a shot, if the pull request is still open in 2018.

Am trying to build it at the moment against the latest master of Lede, as i want to use Samba icm with the Shadowcopy VFS module, and your repo seems to be the only one where it isn't stripped out.

Currently getting compile errors:

Package samba4x-server is missing dependencies for the following libraries:

Will add these dependencies and try to build again

Oki thx for the info, added the deps and updated the zip to samba 4.7.4 and latest softether master.

Cool, thanks!
other thing i don't have working yet is renice. doesn't seem to be part of the default busybox package, so i quoted those lines out of /etc/init.d/samba4 for now.
package is running ok now, still configuring shadow_copy2.

Your work is much appreciated! :slight_smile:

I see you've fixed the renice option in the latest package now as well. even better :blush:

Just noticed that the feeds force via ./ did not work correctly for softhether, so instead of my updated/fixed version the org. was used instead. I changed the name to softether-server, so its more clear what version to select.

So anyone using this softether package, select the "softether-server" and make sure under /packages/feeds/myfeeds all packages are listed as links, before you build via make.

PS: This change is reflected in the latest gdrive zip.

Please use the new topic, since i reworked the makefiles, build process and templates.