Rule-based routing to multiple WAN interfaces according to source/destination of traffic


I'm just curious to know if this is doable with OpenWrt.

In some network firewall appliances (like those from Sophos), they have a feature called 'multipath rules' where you can specify which WAN interface to use for what kind of connection/traffice. For example, traffic destined for * should only use WAN interface 2 while all other traffic will use WAN interface 1.

I combed through the documentation and the closest I could find is the article for Multipath TCP, which sounds more like link aggregation than what I have in mind. I found a suggested similar article about Multiple WAN interfaces and routing but it looks more like static routes than the multipath rules I mentioned (although admittedly, it's closer than multipath TCP, just without the URL-based ruleset).

Is there anyone out there who can give inputs on this? Please advise. Thanks!


pretty much means ASN populated ipset... which is not foolproof...
so you want to search for both "policy routing" ( dual wan ) and "ipset"... etc.... on the forum / wiki / internet... ( mwan would be the best place to start imho... then branch out from there is needed )

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Thanks @anon50098793! I will look into those you mentioned.

no worries mate... :sunglasses:

"netflix vpn" should also bring up alot of related threads here...

Other pointers are mwan3 (OpenWrt specific rule framework for wan interface selection according to traffic stream properties) and "Linux policy routing" in general.

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