Rt-ac68u - asus

I know under openWRT that the asus rt-ac68u works, but not wireless. I tried LEDE as well, and same result. No option for Wireless under Network, under graphic interface. Do I assume that wifi is not supported like OpenWRT? I would appreciate any help, maybe there is something more I need to do to get wifi working.

You definitely picked the wrong router (BCM4360 wireless) for that, it's very unlikely that the situation will change anytime soon ('ever', if you'd ask me).

Ok, I appreciate the reply.

You might have better luck with Tomato or DD-Wrt maybe. But Broadcom has not released any FOSS drivers for the wireless chips in your device, hence why OpenWrt (or LEDE) cannot support it.

Wifi won't work, but these routers are cheap enough (~$60) in some recent deals, that you can chain two of them. You can use one of them as the router and other as access point. You can run lede on the router, and use any of the other firmware (stock/merlin/tomato/dd-wrt) on the AP. What you gain by that is a better handle on QoS & bufferbloat, if your ISP is particularly bad with it, and other features that come with lede. I'm using this setup with reasonable success.

Hi all, i recently bought the RT-AC68U based on it being one of the supported routers under LEDE.
See https://lede-project.org/toh/views/toh_available_864

However i have read these older posts saying that wireless is not supported. It this the case or have recent releases of LEDE solved this issue? I would really appreciate some confirmation from a current RT-AC68U LEDE flasher whether wifi works now, or what doesn't work with latest release


Nothing has changed, there is very little reason (read zero) hope for this to change at all (read ever).

Thanks for the quick response slh. Much appreciated.

Thats a pity, I think i'll be taking it back to the shop.

It seems like the supported routers page needs to e updated to make a note of this so that more people don't fall into this trap. I couldn't see an easy way to do this. If anyone has the necessary authoring rights on any of the forums or wiki's can you please update. thx

PS Any suggestions for a comparable wifi router that has full lede support? I cant find a simple 'buy this, its available, and it works' recommendation

You could still make use of it as a wired only openwrt router, or an exclusive wireless AP. This model is better than using a single device for both tasks.

thanks kyva1929

Unfortunately all my other adsl routers, which both had wifi die, are not openwrt compatible. (Billion 7300, 7800N). So that means i need to buy something else to do the routing. Do you know of any cheap but compatible routers that could do the job, and connect via my pure bridged adsl Billion 7300.

Internet - ( Phone Line - bridged ADSL modem Billion 7300 )* - ?? cheap router ?? - RT-AC68U access point

What i was thinking is getting a WRT1900ACS
Internet - ( Phone Line - bridged ADSL modem Billion 7300 )* - WRT1900ACS

*The brackets will be replaced by most likely NBN(Australia) - HFC Gear - at our current place

Can anyone vouch that lede works well on WRT1900ACS. It appears that this is the case

For hardware recommendations see:



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