Router ZBT WE826-T can't connect on 4G

Hi, I have a router that seems to be a ZBT WE826-T, but when you go to "status" the model says "AWF-5G" (not related to 5G, it is just the model name). The firmware is too old, and I can not make it work on 4G because there is not QMI protocol installed, it only works on 3G. Modem is Quectel EC25. I need to make it work on 4G.

It is a real WE826-T and I can use the firmware from openwrt or it is another router with just a fake label?

At first glance, it looks like a real WE826. You might check amount of RAM (128MB ?), SoC (MT7620) . Real WE826 can be (also) flashed using special emergency mode of boot program. Is this possible ? Photo of case, please.

RAM says total 126,456mb. How can I find which SoC is? About Flashing the router, it has the option, attached screenshot.

Looks like a real one. Use bootloader to flash the firmware.

The most reliable method is just to open the case again, and have a look. There should be large chip with printing like Mediatek MT7620A or similar.
I have just the WE826 and the -T version myself a few times; reliable, low cost device. BTW, when opening the case check the modem. There are different variants, like EC25-A, EC25-AF, EC25-E etc. depending upon frequencies used. Verify, to have correct modem variant for your location. You might also opt to flash newest firmware for your modem, just in case. Using PPP instead of QMI only gives you some speed disadvantage, but might be even good, for a simple test of basic LTE-connection.

The largerst chip say LTK17062N, modem is EC25-A. There is a chip under the modem but is has some type of heat sink glued on it, so I can not see what it is. There is another chip, Winband W97GG6JB-25.

Are you sure I can connect on 4G/LTE using PPP? I tried but failed, but I am new on this, so maybe is possible and I do not need to flash the modem. Thanks

Install the recent OpenWrt image first, then configure QMI as shown in OpenWrt docs.
You do not need to use PPP.

But I will need to be 100% sure it is a we826t, why status says model AWF5G? I do not want to brick the router

It could be simply a OEM label. ZBT does a lot OEM equipment. You might look at the very first log messages, after boot. They should indicate the SoC. Log into the router, using ssh/putty, and then 'logread | head' should suffice.

Thanks for the info, yes SoC is the MT7620A.

SoC Type: Ralink MT7620A ver:2 eco:6
CPU revision is: 00019650 (MIPS 24KEc)
MIPS: machine is AWF-5G
Linux version 3.10.44 (zbt123@zbt-server) (gcc version 4.8.3 (OpenWrt/Linaro GCC 4.8-2014.04 unknown)

So, 99% it is a WE826. Happy flash :slight_smile:

Thanks! so I should download the version WE826 T 16M 22.03.5 from and follow the instructions on the manual available on the same page and that is all?

I will make a backup of the settings, do not know if I can upload the settings backup once is flashed

Correct, but do not try to restore a backup.

you mean I must copy the settings, but should not upload the backup file?

I see no need in backup/restore in this particular case.

I have been able to flash with the lastest version, but I can not find the QMI protocol, nor even the UMTS/GPRS (3g). I do not see anything related to the modem on the system log or kernel log. but router is working ok.

what should I do?

Read the docs. I.e.
Basic image does not contain the required modules.

Install picocom kmod-usb-serial-option kmod-usb-net kmod-usb-wdm kmod-usb-net-qmi-wwan uqmi luci-proto-qmi

Go to Network → Interfaces → Add new interface… → Protocol : QMI, Interface: cdc-wdm0
enter APN, IP type (v4/v6).
Then in Advanced Settings: tick "Use default gateway" and "Use DNS servers advertised by peer".
Assign the firewall zone (WAN).

when I try to "update lists" on System>software, I got the attached (screenshot) feedback. Guess I have to configure opkg, but I really have no idea what to do. There is an option to upload a packcage previously downloaded, but I did not find a way to donwload the packcage's (, there is no link or anything.

maybe is time to send the router to someone who know how to configure it, now that it is working with the upgraded firmware..