Router Recommendation, New user

Iam here asking for router advices for open WRT.

My network its pretty simple, huawei B593 4g modem with speeds arround 60down/40up(no fiber where i live) my PC, an UnraidOS server (with nextcloud, and need NAT loopback, main reason i need a new router), then some wifi mesh to connect phones an tvs.

looking for something arround 50€, future prof, atleast 1gb lan. can have wifi or not. dont need many eth ports minimum 2, and USB for tether ( for some reason my iphone started to catch 5g at 200mb, so a cheap 5g phone its an option on the table to get better speeds) .
I took a look on this forum before posting and saw this two:

  • MikroTik Switch RB750Gr3
  • Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X - ER-X
    What can you recommend( between this 2 or other better option)

thank you in advance

The current darling of OpenWrt in this price range is

From your "€", I assume you are in Europe? Not sure where to get one over there, but here in the US the Belkin-branded version is available from Walmart for $49...

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Thank you for your reply, unfortunly cant find that router in europe at that price range.

two cheap suggestions in Looking for a Cheap OpenWrt-Compatible Router for Gaming and Streaming in the Netherlands