Risk upgrading OpenWrt

You may remember me from this post or this.
I have a "NAS" with a openwrt 14 as stock firm. Here it is.
The model is SSK cloud F100. There's no custom rom for this device, but it has a mt7620n.
I tried several things to improve the performance with no success (low knowledge).
It would be great to update to v21, for instance. My questions:
-Do I have any chance of success if I flash an Archer c20 firm or other mt7620n firm?
-Can I be sure of unbricking my device using the stock firm and the serial connection if I try a custom build?

Thank you one more time...

You are very likely to soft brick the device running a router firmware on a NAS.

Even if it boots the dts won’t support the sata controller.

You could try an initramfs for a nas with the same SOC, like the U35WF, but don’t expect miracles. To get a new device supported you need to create a valid dts


The "stock" rom of this "nas" is openWrt 14. Can I take it for reference in any way to create my own custom image?
I don't see any dts file.
Sorry for the newbie questions.

No, stock won’t be much help, it predates dts files

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