Is it possible to download an old package?

I need some packages, as kmod-fs-ext4-3.10.36-1 (r40804) for ramips (mt7620n).
Is it possible?
I love vintage stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!

Find your release here:
Do your thing!

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my release is older. I found
but not the specific version I need.

Look again.

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no luck with this version. I think I need the specific version 3.10.36


I see.. You'll have to backtrack to know what the dependency chain was. All you've got to work with is in the barrier_breaker/14.07/ramips/mt7620n/ directory.

Can't help much not seeing the full text log.

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Kernel mods are compiled together with the kernel, they must not only match the kernel version but also the options with which the kernel has been compiled.

This means you can't just use any random kernel mod, even if the kernel version matches. Most particularly, you can't use kernel mods from with an OpenWrt version compiled by somebody else.


As the repository's are truncated to releases only there is no longer /RC repositories and the end result is: Dead End.

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When the kernel version is the same, in most cases it will work fine when you just edit /usr/lib/opkg/status, to change the kernel version to the one of the repository.

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opkg --nodeps works for me.
Thank you,

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