Restore original FW on RP-WD03


@badzz I have seen the other thread about going back to OEM firmware for the RP-WD03, but the thread is closed and I did. It found a way to send a personal message so I’m using a new thread .. I have successfully installed OpenWRT on my WD03 but did not save the OEM FW before that and want to go back to the OEM FW, can you provide the files I need to perform the rollback to the original FW?

Thanks a lot !


Same for me. I have no access to another device with stock FW to backup. @badzz could you support me with the files?



Same for me, i want to go back to the original firmware but didn't saved kernel and rootfs befor i tested the OpenWrt. @badzz could you please provide the files to perform the rollback.

Many thanks


Here you go


Thank you very much !!


You made my day, thx!


Hi badzz, after flashing your provided files via tftp, my WD03 can't start anymore. Just a never ending blinking of the blue WiFi LED... Is the FileHub broken? Can't connect anymore. Nore via LAN nor WIFI...Thx for any answer and help!


Worked for me without any problems, again thanks a lot!


Same here. Any solution?


Did you try to re flash openwrt ?
Have you try to do all this without any sd card or usb attached ?


Tried to reflash, but I think that the IP address has changed. Can't connect anymore. So I am unfortunatelly not able to reflash. Is the a way to find the device via MAC address? Don't know the address, but perhaps there is a way to reconfigure the IP if I could find out the MAC? Maybe this is a way?


Did you immediately hold the power after the transfer? Thats what I did at first which led me to that infinite blinking. I reflashed again but left it untouched after transfer. After that, the firmware worked shortly after the light blinked and stopped. So it looks like turning it off early, even after flashing it, corrupts the firmware.


You turned your router off before it was done flashing:

You have to wait for the device to reboot itself.