Restore original FW on RP-WD03

Do you still have the do you have kernel and rootfs for WD03?

Download links don't work anymore

Thank you very much

I uploaded the files to GitHub here:

HI @badzz

I just put OpenWRT on my WD03, but need to go back to the original firmware due to use the wifi repeater and DLNA functions.

The website and OpenWRT have removed their support pages for WD03.

How to get it back? I'm using a Mac and have access to a Win 10/11 laptop but no Linux.

Please help! And I'm totally useless on Linux, so please give a step by step guide, using Mac or Windows!


hey @tschortsch!

Thanks for the files, I downloaded them, but now I don't know what to do next.

@badzz & @tschortsch!
What is the procedure to flash the WD03 back to original firmware using these files?


What makes you think so?

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FYI, OpenWrt has that functionality too.

I tried, but its too steep a learning curve for me.

Sorry, i couldn't find it.

@lleachii although I would like to learn how to do it. if you can provide some guidelines on how to do it, I would appreciate the kindness. Maybe some trial and error would get me there!