Require ssh password?

After installed openwrt I accessed the router by ethernet and there is no web interface so I accessed by commoned line and require SSH password . I tried all my guesses and also I tried to leave it blank. it's still refuse. My router model is tl-wr840n v2.
What should I do?

OpenWrt has no password set by default (user:root, password:hit the enter key) and requires you to set one. If config remains from the previously installed firmware interfere, see

For anything 'based on OpenWrt', your guess is as good as ours.


Serial connection have no default password function activated.

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It's ssh connection

If you're using ssh, you need to set a password.

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I don't requires on ssh connection password. I tried to reset router but still require

Can you connect using a web browser?

What file did you install onto your device? (what was the exact filename, where did it come from)?

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Yes I can access by web

Are you able to gain access via the web? Does it require a password?

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No It doesn't require on web

ok... make sure you are ssh'ing with the username root:

ssh root@<router-ip-address.>
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It is

What do you mean?

Where did you get the file that you installed?

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From a open wrt website

My router model is tlwr840n v2

from "a" openwrt website, or from "the official" openWrt website? (this is critical)?

Please provide the link to the exact file that you used.

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Offical website

I just want to write a little command line can I do that by any other ways or from web access?

Since you cannot access your system via ssh, let's see a screenshot of the followig:

System > Administration > SSH Access
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