Repeater bridge through VPN

I want to connect my NetGear R6220 to an access point as a bridge repeater but I’d like it to do it through a vpn connectio. The main router is an NetGear WNR1000 v4 with the original firmware the Nighthawk (R6220) has the OpenWrt 22..03.2 r19803, I need to do this over wifi.

I am a real newbie about these type of configurations but I think I have the enough knowledge to follow instructions.

I already had configured the two mentioned routers with the bridge repeater mode with no problems, but I have no idea how to set that connection through a vpn, and other doubt I have I is for example I’ve read that sometimes the vpn can make connections to have problems, I want to avoid that. I have read also about packages like travelmate but monitoring about it, it seems to face conflicts sometimes, I know it depends on any particular circumstances.

The available connection is not of super speed, it it a basic 10 MB connection so I’d like to have the most stable possible configuration, any advice will be useful for me, thank you.