Refresh project identity - new OpenWrt project logo

My thoughts:

  • all too complicated/blown-up
  • vote should differentiate between multiple aspects of a logo: Form, Color, Text, [...] - maybe in this order: Text/Content, Form, Color

if i had to voice only one single thing, i would want to keep the OpenWrt uppercase/lowercase spelling as it has been this way for many years


Black and white are more @trendy

lost is your soul :smiling_imp:

I am not the psyborg here.

not a valid excuse for being limited to non-color choice

I'm not. I was actually playing on words, speaking of what's "trendy" and referring that @trendy's penguin is mostly black and white.

Nevertheless, I still think that choosing the shape comes first, then choosing the colour.

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@ynezz, @tmomas The votes are not showing.

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So I got CSV with results from @jow and after some post-processing here is rough output:

 52x for C-1
 32x for C-4
 32x for A-1
 18x for D-1
 16x for C-3
 16x for A-4
 15x for None of the above
 12x for D-4
 11x for C-2
 10x for A-3
  6x for B-4
  6x for A-2
  5x for B-1
  3x for D-3
  3x for B-3
  2x for B-2
  1x for D-2

And results, colors:

  • blue 107 votes
  • green 66 votes
  • orange 32 votes
  • red 20 votes

Logo variants:

  • C 111 votes
  • A 64 votes
  • D 34 votes
  • B 16 votes

I can conclude, that C logo and blue colors were the most voted proposals. We'll try to incorporate the provided feedback, thanks.


if you take a look here how users create dupe accounts Communication problem with the Openwrt team to gain their accomplishments maybe it would make sense to you that this poll may actually represent false results. anyway i don't think the voting results should be considered and the decision should be made internally between core members

I find it rather "interesting" the variation between the votes for C and B, given the fact that they are very similar, except the WiFi signal. Yes, the WiFi signal matters, of course, but I find it hard to imagine that most people liked that bent T. Moreover, The WiFi signal is contained withing a closed circle, and that doesn't align much with "wireless freedom" or OpenWrt.

This is what I didn't understood about A, the distorted (in pretty illogical ways) wi-fi signal symbol.

Agreed, but this doesn't make C suddenly a popular option. I would have been convinced with the top half of the circle, but adding the lower part, plus the curly t is anything but openness or freedom.

The signal of A minus the distortion is much better alternative in my opinion, and the font of D is certainly the best.


As I understand it is/was clear (from the onset) that it will be the committers/core developers that will have the final say, just as you propose. But having an open poll does not really side-step this, nor does mentioning which design got how any votes in a non-binding unscientific poll in the forum will unfairly bias the committers.

Oh, I am pretty sure that this represents MIMO/multi-path wifi :wink:


...and that is why I liked this one the most.

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@ynezz Can we please have this new variant created for discussion?

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Please follow up on Help pre-select new OpenWrt project logo in the poll

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