Recommended AP for AX


I need advice to choose the right device for my installation

I use OpenWRT only in AP mode with dawn on 4 AP
2 archer c7
1 archer c5
1 r6100
4 SSID diffused across these 4 AP

One of c7 is dying so I want to replace one c7 and one r6100 with ax device

What can I use ?

I search only wifi performance, I don't use routing features

I like this. But OpenWrt is not ready yet.

Depends on where you live...

Wrx36 and e8450/rt3200 are cheap in US, but hard to find in any other place.


Very happy with my EAP615-Wall, but you need PoE (be it through a switch or an injector).

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I live in France

WAX206 / WAX202
Asus AX4200
Mercusys MR70X

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Zyxel NWA50AX if you are looking for an actual access point.

Although the WAX206 beats it in WiFi performance.

Do note the WAX206 does not offer AX on the 2,4 GHz band, FWIW.


Posting because I'm interested too - would like to have one with 2.4 AX so that I can use the 5ghz as backbone if needed. But looking for ones that are cheaper. Looks like the asus is more than what I might need.

Thanks for suggestions

Someone has tested asus devices ?

Are they stable ?

Today I have old archer c7 and c5 and they are stable with openwrt

Little slow but stable

I don't found speedtest with ax53u for example

Zyxel seems to be good too

Hi @Borromini ,
Have you installed OpenWRT on the EAP615? What is your experience been?

Yes, and like I said I'm very happy with it. Works best with master (that should be branched for 23.xx any day now though).

Plenty of info on the RT-AX53U if you search the forum.

P.S. Interpunction and use of uppercasing where appropriate go a long way in making your posts readable.

RT3200. It works.

Read the whole thread.

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Asus RT-AX53U: 2.4 GHz 11ax, MT7621 SoC, 256 MB RAM, 1 Gbps Ethernet
TP-Link EAP615-Wall v1: 2.4 GHz 11ax, MT7621 SoC, 128 MB RAM, 1 Gbps Ethernet
Netgear WAX206: only 5 GHz 11ax, MT7622BV SoC, 512 MB RAM and Realtek 2.5 Gbps Ethernet uplink

If only 11ax compatible only 2.4 GHz wireless stations are used and all APs are 11ax so that coloring can reduce interference then 2.4 GHz 11ax may be an important feature. Otherwise, with lots of other 11n networks around and stations that are only 11n compatible I would not rank the 2.4 GHz 11ax need too high in this year if that would limit the choices of APs to only one model.

As much as many of us would like to phase out 2,4 GHz entirely, the reality is different. I've seen enough people computation after purchasing.

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Who wrote about phasing out 2.4 GHz wi-fi? I don't wish for this and I don't see this coming in the next years. Lots of devices with only 2.4 GHz single band wi-fi are in use and are being produced.

I would still not over emphasize the need for 2.4 GHz 11ax in 2023. I would expect the use cases with high need for this to be limited this year.

Phase out 2.4 Ghz is complicated

In city, I have lot of of 5Ghz network, so I have activated auto channel and some times I'm on DFS zone, and Wifi fallback to 2.4 during the DFS move, we have airport near of us, so DFS is triggered often

I use 2.4 for management and backup only, all devices connect only to 5GHz, this is like 6 to 8 devices, rest of them connect to ethernet or fiber, backbone is done by 10gig fiber, noe problems but only wifi now is slowest connection i have - 2400Mbps link but i only geting like 650Mbps on openwrt, on ofw is 1.7gig without problems.

Nobody talked about 2.4 GHz wi-fi phase out. This is a misunderstanding.

I discussed the importance of 2.4 GHz 11ax ability of access points in 2023. Very much different topic.