Recommended AP for AX

once flashed with openwrt firmware, it will have full router functions, right?

is tplink ax23 still not ready for prime time since you are not recommending it?

yes, correct.

Only has 16mb flash

The only devices that use 2.4ghz for me are those that because the manufacturer cheaped out are 2.4ghz only, those devices typically dont need bandwidth, just reliable connectivity, smart plugs etc.

So for me I picked the WAX206, as I dont care about AX on 2.4ghz.

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TP-Link EAP613 v1 looks like a nice device - this was just recently added to OpenWrt 23.05.0-rc3
(A ceiling-mounted 802.11ax access point powered via PoE)

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I use three AX3600 as AP's. I "phased out" 2.4...I only have one device serving 2.4 as isolated Guest WiFi for Chinese IoT stuff (robomowers, vacuum cleaners etc.) AX3600 work fine.

I use wax206, xiaomi ax3600, ax9000, Zyxel WSM20 and Dlink DAP X1860 with the latest 23.05 RC3 without major problems.

I think this is the fastest one available for 23.05

Yes, I just got a WAX220 myself and it's a beast, better than my WAX206 and also slightly better than my DL-WRX36.

WAX220 is definitely better than WAX206, however in my country the WAX220 is 4x price of WAX206, so I went ahead with WAX206.

As always it depends what you are planning to do with the device, the WAX220 only have one ethernet port but with PoE and you need to mount it either to the wall or the ceiling. The WAX206 can properly stand on a surface but I wasn't able to find a wall mount for it, the WAX206 also gives you 4 lan and one wan port and is therefore able to act as a main router as well.

I really like both devices even if the WiFi coverage and the overall system performance of the WAX220 is definitely better, the WAX206 still has a really good WiFi, a good performance and many other advantages.

Agreed, I use the WAX206 as an AP and small switch in my souterrain, and it's doing a great job so far!
The WAX220 might be better in wifi and system performance, but it would not fit my needs for the location.