RAVpower RP-WD03 Configuration

Hello together,

I installed successfully the RP-WD03 (=RP) with the actual OpenWrt but I'm failing to configure it for my needs. The only success was the failsafe procedure which works without problems (tcpdump does the trick). Now I'm back to the default settings and able to login via the Web GUI and also via ssh.

The target is (in chronological order):

  1. connect the RP via Ethernet or Wifi to my router at home and also on vacation (maybe Ethernet, most likely Wifi).

  2. the RP should offer me a WLAN to get access to the internal SD-Card (SAMBA) and an internet connection. The devices in the LAN should be visible to each other.

The IP address of my router@home:, DHCP is of course enabled.

Would be great to get some advice.


  • A VPN?


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The device has one ethernet port and is able to use more than one concurrent Wifi connection.
I don't want a VPN - seems to complicated for me.

I configured successfully a connection to my Home WLAN (Client, DHCP).
Then I configured a WLAN on the device itself. I was able to connect to this WLAN with a smartphone but couldn’t reach the internet.
Then I tried to configure a bridge between both WLANs. Again - no success.
However - in the end I couldn’t reach the RP anymore so I started the failsafe procedure.
Now I'm at the beginning.
What's wrong with my configuration?


Did you create a VLAN to bridge the 2 SSIDs to?

No I didn’t. I couldn’t find a receipt for my use case on OpenWrt so I'm currently lost in bridges, VLANs, subnetworking etc. What do you suggest to come to an easy solution? My use case seems typical for this kind of device.