R7800 question for hnyman

New to the board and would like to install your latest build for my netgear r7800. I read a post where you state that a person can grab your lastest build and flash it by just using the netgear web interface. I am currently using a modified install put out by voxel and I would like to move to openwrt. My question is using your lastest build can I simply put the image on a usb and install openwrt to my router just like I was installing a new build via the built in web interface from within the netgear software. I cannot afford to brick the router and have a few college kids at home who will kill me if I screw up lol

Thank you for your time

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So this is a community build?

By @hnyman :point_left: (tagged him)?

It might help to link that post for quick reference.

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Nov '21

Installing from the OEM firmware should work ok from the Netgear GUI using the "factory" OpenWrt image (not the sysupgrade image).

(The TFTP approach is a fallback option, which may help, if you run later into problems.)

I suggest that you either install the official OpenWrt firmware 21.02.1 (with GUI), or alternatively my community build, where some defaults settings are a bit tailored for R7800 and the image contains some typical add-on packages.

I will be using your latest build which I think is 23.05 for the r7800


Thank you lleachii

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I have no knowledge about flashing from Voxel firmware. No idea if that accepts OpenWrt images.

But the tftp recovery flash method (in u-boot bootloader) always works. It requires an OpenWrt factory image. Read instructions in r7800 OpenWrt wiki and e.g. in forum

You should either take my newest 23.05 build factory image (that has support for USB storage, SQM etc. built-in) or the official 23.05.0 factory image (into which you might need to install a few add-ons).

I always do the same with any R7800 router I've flashed with OpenWrt.
First I update to the latest stock Netgear firmware.
After that I update to the latest Voxel R7800 firmware (that is a modified stock firmware) because it disables some crap put in the stock firmware.
Finally I flash the OpenWrt using openwrt-ipq806x-generic-netgear_r7800-squashfs-factory.img.

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