Installing on R7800

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I received my Netgear R7800 router yesterday. I want to install OpenWRT on it tonight.
How do I have to proceed with the installation? Do you have to upload it via TFTP? Does anyone know of any instructions I can follow so that nothing goes wrong? And what would you recommend installing the Stock OpenWRT firmware, or a modified version?

Do I have to follow the instructions below Netgear R7800 exploration (IPQ8065, QCA9984) - #5 by hnyman

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Installing from the OEM firmware should work ok from the Netgear GUI using the "factory" OpenWrt image (not the sysupgrade image).

(The TFTP approach is a fallback option, which may help, if you run later into problems.)

I suggest that you either install the official OpenWrt firmware 21.02.1 (with GUI), or alternatively my community build, where some defaults settings are a bit tailored for R7800 and the image contains some typical add-on packages.

Many thanks for the answer.
Do I have to rename the OpenWRT firmware file in order to flash from the Stock GUI? Or can I take it as it is downloaded?

Would you use your customized firmware for the R7800 or would you use the stock?


No need to rename.

Well, naturally I use my own customized firmware :wink:
There are LuCI statistics integrated plus some other useful packages, see the first message in the thread I linked above...

Thank you for the feedback. I'm assuming that I can still install a SysUpdate about your version later, right? Could someone please tell me which version to download here? Which is the most recent and modified version?

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Either of those, listed on the first message...

Take the "factory" image from one of those. (maybe the 21.02, although there is not much difference)

And yes, you can sysupgrade to the next builds later, or to the official builds.