R6220 no setting for VLAN/Switch

Just set up the Netgear R6220 as a 801.11r roaming AP
As I wanted to expand functionality by adding a guest network I found that the menu item "Switch" under Network is not present. (in Luci)

I have found no evidence that this device would not support that. Actually I read multiply accounts of co owners reporting that they are playing with the VLAN setting. Also I vaguely remember having this option with older versions of the software.

So I am puzzled. Is something missing in the software? I am using the latest openwrt version as of today 22 sept 2021.

After a full reset this options does not return...


Edit: and the wiki

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Did you install version 21.02?
This one has moved from swconfig to DSA.

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Yes that seems to be the case.

Not every driver has transitioned yet. My TL-WDR4300 still shows switches and VLANS with the same software version