Providing LAN based access to WiFi (for non-Wifi devices)

Hi everyone!

I have two floors where I want to enable devices to connect to the Internet and Intranet (NAS etc.).
My TP-Link Archer C7 with stock firmware is located on one floor next to my desktop computer and my Synology NAS providing access via Ethernet (plus Wifi for my smart devices).
My TV recorder and mini PC are located on the second floor, they both have Ethernet but no Wifi. On this floor, I have an Archer C60 that I flashed with OpenWRT.

What I want to achive is: connecting the Archer C60 OpenWRT to my Archer C7 by Wifi (as I have no easy way for a cable) and providing Ehternet based access for my TV recorder and mini PC to the internet and to my NAS (the C7's network). I also need to RDP from my Desktop to the mini PC.

I played around with OpenWRT with no luck and of course read/searched, but maybe I didn't search for the right key words.

I would love to have this setup and if needed, I am okay flashing OpenWRT to the C7 aswell if it would be sure that this would work.

Thanks in advance for the help on this!



WDS/ 4addr as linked above by mpa is indeed the best solution, but it does require both devices to run OpenWrt (or rather, an nl80211 based mainline wireless driver, which effectively means OpenWrt, not stock OEM).

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Thanks! That worked, amazing! Used LuCI to configure everything.

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