Proposal for new announcement category

Continuing the discussion from How to know when new release comes out? Or security issues?:

Proposal for new announcement category

  • Separate new category, i.e. not listed under a parent category like "Installing and using OpenWrt"
  • Category name: Release and security announcements
  • Category slug: announcements
  • Category description: Announcements of new releases and security updates
  • Access rights:
    • Admins / Developers can create new topics
    • Users can read new topics, but not create or reply to new topics

Your comments are welcome!


Why not make this a sub-category?

Need to create/populate "Developer" group.

Separate category to give it the adequate importance.
In the old wiki it was called "News" and on the top position:

I think "News" or "Release and security announcements" just deserve to be a separate category. Apart from that, reading the category descriptions, I don't see where this would fit as a sub-category.

  • Hardware questions - clearly no
  • For Developers - no, release announcements are also for non-developers
  • Talk about Documentation - no, release announcements are not talking about documentation
  • Community builds - no, we are not announcing custom builds or packages created by the community, but official release builds
  • Site Feedback and Other Questions - no, release and security announcements are too important for filing them under "other"
  • Installing and using OpenWrt - no, we are not asking, but announcing
  • News + feedback
    ------> Announcements
    ------> Talk about documentation
    ------> Site Feedback and other questions

I'd be pragmatic here - start with a new major category "Announcements" being at the top and later devide it into subcategories if it becomes too convoluted.