Power cycling after upgrade (wndr4700)

In June I had installed OpenWrt 21 for the first time on a WNDR4700. I just saw where 22 was released for it so I downloaded the sysupgrade and ran it from the interface. Now the router just keeps power cycling. Please help!

Something is wrong with openwrt-22.03.0-apm821xx-nand-netgear_wndr4700-squashfs-factory.img. I used nmrpflash to revert back to Netgear and then tried this factory img instead of the sysupgrade like I originally tried and ended up with the same results where it keeps power cycling. So I once again used nmrpflash reverted back to Netgear and then installed the openwrt-21.02.3-apm821xx-nand-netgear_wndr4700-squashfs-factory.img that I was originally using. Hopefully somebody with this model can get it worked out.