Anyone started work on the K3C? It is based off of the Intel (Lantiq) GSOC GRX500.

Boot Log:
Firmware Releases:
Possible Full Source (OpenWRT):

I'm trying to do this myself and am reading through the developer guides on adding new devices but a bit unfamiliar with how to properly add patches and soc binaries. But I was hoping someone else might be farther along and have some insight.

phicomm published part of the code, not all of the code,you need intel's SDK

Were you able to compile it? Which SDK because it looks like one was bundled in the source under vendor.

you have to get SDK code by yourself such as wifi driver

i've been looking for the sdk you mention and your github repo only mentions ISDK but I think the translation might be poor from Google Translate.
I've been looking for anything related to the AnyWAY chips but haven't had any luck. Which SDK did you use?

what do you want? firmware? source code?

my firmware
note: RAM must be 512M

Hi, can you make merlin for ac1900(256mb ram)? Thank you.

This is the OpenWrt/LEDE forum.

I'm sorry, I know, but it's really not enough information about A1 ac1900, so I'm trying to ask here.

You that the SDK is needed in addition to the firmware. Where do you obtain the SDK?

sorry i cant help you

if i understand you correctly there's a needed intel sdk that is not available for download that is required to build the firmware. your github repo does not contain the sdk but needs it so it is not possible to build the firmware on our own?

yeah,sdk or some binary files

good news
4.9 kernel will be supported

root@ugwcpe:/sys/fs/cgroup# dmesg
[ 0.000000] Linux version 4.9.59+ (hlakkala@inlubt0004) (gcc version 6.3.0 (LEDE GCC 6.3.0 17.01.3_intel) ) #0 SMP Tue Oct 3 11:03:27 2017
[ 0.000000] SoC: GRX500 rev 1.2
[ 0.000000] CPU0 revision is: 0001a120 (MIPS interAptiv (multi))
[ 0.000000] Enhanced Virtual Addressing (EVA 1GB) activated
[ 0.000000] MIPS: machine is EASY350 ANYWAN (GRX350) Main model

Do you have an english tutorial on how to install your latest firmware coming from stock?
Is flashing the "flashimage-k3c.bin" enough?


/usr/sbin/upgrade /tmp/fullimage.img fullimage 0 1
rm -rf /overlay/*
default ip or
root admin

/usr/sbin/upgrade /tmp/fullimage.img fullimage 0 1


I don't understand how you flash this firmware. I cannot telnet or ssh in, so what did you use to flash it? It says invalid firmware when I try loading the img from the web interface

It is an interAptiv cpu?
Warrior core?
can anyone post /proc/cpuinfo?

If don't understand, then that's your problem not mine

Sorry, I don't see a single explanation of how you got to the prompt that you pasted. It could be many methods, tftp a bootloader, TTL serial connection, telnet? Some sort of recovery mode?
Please give us a clue! Thanks for making the files