Painless way of moving from snapshot to release version?

I want to move some of my routers to different versions of OpenWrt.I usually use the firmware selector here:

For context, I have two routers:
AX3600 running the Snapshot of OpenWrt and I want to move to the release version.

Archer C50 V6 running a V4 modified version to work on V6. I saw that there is a V6 snapshot version available.

My idea is to do settings backups for both to have all the settings/customizations intact. I need to somehow get a list of all the packages installed so I can build the images with the same packages. Not sure how to painlessly get the list.

Does anyone know of a painless way of doing this if possible via sysupgrade and not having to resort later to unbricking the routers through recovery?

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I don't know if it works for all platforms, but for example when I upgraded my Google Gale from snapshot to 23.05.0 release, I installed Attended Sysupgrade package then update from there, it helped me to preserve most things from a running setup.

Of course, if your snapshot has been deployed too long time ago, there might be huge change between versions that could have issue, but for me the snapshot I used VS release version was about 1 months.

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Thank you was able to update without much headache by providing the installed packages in the builder. Afterwards installed the attended sysupgrade for future updates. Should work like a treat. Thank you

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I don't have the pencil icon shown as described in the how-to. I can only edit my last comment it seems. So I will just mark the solution.

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