Padavan Firmware R

Hi there Any one can help me regarding my router firmware actually my router is running padavan Firmware so how can i switch my firmware to openWrt i have tried to reset my router but nothing works
Router Name : DIR-853 A3

The typical process is to revert to the stock firmware and then install OpenWrt from there. That is the path with the least risk. You'll need to ask in the Padavan firmware forums for the process to do this.

For this device, you should actually be able to flash using the emergency web UI assuming that is still there... see the install details here:;a=commit;h=6639623e75b84de5cf4a657be7a80383309e290d

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switch to stock see padavan guide for it , then flash openwrt

goodluck, padawan

Hi there Yes i have tried to find forums plus guides but unfortunately there is no any one there so is there any way i can remove it

Hey yes i have go through the link but unfortunately can't rid of padavan Firmware i dont know why i have tried to find forums of it but none of those supports is there any way to rid of padavan Firmware because i have tried a lot things by resting the router etc but none of them worked):

it can help this

the other thread, in which you have posted a few hours ago, claims to have a procedure, just 11 posts ahead of yours.

Have you tried or noticed it?

hi Pico Yes i have saw the posts but instructions are not clearly and cant understand it so Is There Any Solution of it

Yes i have saw but its too old nothing Works Nobody has shared solution for it ):

oh im sorry i could no help im not experienced in padawan os

@ramzan check this

i'm sorry you didn't provide any link to check

^^^ This was the link that @froyic was trying to re-surface.

Yes Thanks for the link i have checked but its too hard Still that's not The Solution Even I have Tried That As well But Nothing Works Padavan is like Stuck to My Router Not Getting Rip of As Well Anyways
Is There Any Way To Remove Padavan That Would be Great?

Hi @ramzan

You can flash openwrt on top of padavan. It has to be done using ssh into the padavan firmware.

You will need to download the following file

There are 3 main steps to the process
1 - copy the facotry file above to the /tmp folder in the router
2 - login to the router
3 - flash using the mtd command (in padvan I believe it is called mtd_write)

If you are using windows first use winscp to copy the file to the routers /tmp folder. After that login using putty to the router.

go to the tmp folder and run the following command. This is case sensitive.

mtd_write write openwrt-23.05.0-rc2-ramips-mt7621-dlink_dir-853-a3-squashfs-factory.bin Kernel

After that the openwrt factory firmware should have been flashed to your router. After reboot you should be able to connect to openwrt.

can You please print padavan output of
cat /proc/mtd
I assume there should be 'firmware' partition not 'Kernel' partition
Also mtd-write can be simply mtd

i was triying to quote what @psherman said in the first posts, check the post thread, and try to apply what P said, it would work, im a rookie enthusiast, not even close to the level of @psherman

Hi there thanks for the information if you can make a short video on it that would be great because it's hard to understand the steps that you mentioned if you don't mind can you please make a video and send through my email

Hi can you explain me regarding /tmp i didn't know what is that if you can explain little about it that would be great

it's a folder, like any other.