Newifi D2 Stock Firmware

I have a Newifi D2 that came with Padavan Chinese but I do not speak Chinese. I'd like to flash with OpenWRT. I think I have read I need to reflash the stock firmware but I cannot find it online. Could some kind soul upload it for me?

I did find this:

But when I try this I get "invalid module format".

Could I try this? Padavan Firmware R - #15 by kar200

Which firmware would I use? Kernel or Upgrade? If not, I'd appreciate the stock firmware to flash with USB before trying to upgrade to OpenWRT.


Welcome to the Openwrt Forums, the wiki page for the Newifi D2 install of Openwrt is over here:

I cannot see an instruction to flashing back to Stock Firmware although there is a link to the Newifi website.

Thanks. Of course I've already been there. The Newifi homepage is now just an ad in Chinese for a dating website. I can flash stock I think using USB as per normal or similar to this:

This worked.

Hi. I have the same router - great device, btw.
You don´t need any other firmware: You can flash OpenWRT directly in "Breed Web".
Have a look here:
I have done this, works flawlessly.

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