Packet loss and Latency R7800

Hello everyone,
For some reason I’m getting packet loss and latency issues on Xbox. I start off good around 19-20 latency and then all of the sudden bam it creeps up to 200 slowly. It would be good for a few mins. and then it comes back. My Bufferbloat is good a+ my sqm settings are set to cake and piece of cake.

I’m running on an Ethernet cable.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Andy

Turn cake off and test it.

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I changed it to fq_codel and simple.qos. Is that good?

What were your test results?

Also, I believe @anon50098793 said "off," not "change."

Your right! He said off... I’ll shut it off and test it when I have a chance and report back.

By any chance does anyone or any place sell these routers designed strictly for gaming? Looking for something I can get and not be worried about any of these issues that a lot of people have. Just curious!

Thank everyone!

Ever hopeful people such as yourself are easy marks for unscrupulous marketing baloney. There is no such thing as a completely hands off solution for quality of service.

Cake is pretty close, only about 4 or 5 settings required for most people (uplink speed, downlink speed, overhead, and style (layer cake etc)..)

Can you tell us what kind of link do you have, what speeds? What provider?

Is the Xbox wired in or on wifi?

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I tested with sqm off and there is no packet loss or latency issues but then again it’s 11:41pm est here. I don’t think that is the issue but I’m just throwing it out there.

But I tell you I am a competitive game player and there is nothing more frustrating than having lag and not getting hit detection.

My internet is
25meg down and 2meg up.
Did Bufferbloat all A’s
Cable/ Netgear modem router Netgear R7800
This cable line is dedicated just for xbox’s nothing else. Mine is hard wired.

Marketing bolony you got that right!!! I won’t mind spending the money if it works the right way.

When I had cake on I was able to have A+ straight through with test but had massive packet loss and latency issues.

I do appreciate the help... very much.


I'm assuming it's a DSL line. (Never mind I just saw it's a Cable connection!) Curious, is someone DoS ing your connection to get an edge? It wouldn't be hard to UDP flood your 25Mbps down for example.

Also I remember some threads here where people were discussing specifically high latency issues caused by this specific router and its switch or Ethernet driver. Try searching the forum for latency and R7800. If that turns out to be the issue You might look at the WRT32X, inexpensive refurbed and very fast for wired routing and shaping.

Another issue you might look at is speed upgrade, in particular upstream... 1500 bytes at 2Mbps takes 6ms so you are going to have 6ms of jitter just caused by how long it takes to write a large packet out onto the wire.

Still that has nothing to do with 200ms extra latency and packet loss!

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Cable is a shared medium, and bursty. It absolutely can be the case that everyone else in your neighborhood using the internet makes your connection suffer. You must wait to get a time slices on the cable line, and that can be an issue if the service is oversold and everyone is streaming Netflix or talking on the VoIP phone service etc.

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Your right... but at the time I was having these issues my son was on his xbox playing. There has to be something I can do to make qos work when I have two or more of them running at the same time. This was my sole purpose of having a dedicated line put in just for the xbox’s.

Maybe it’s the router or maybe not.... my tests which I think are high 50 to 80ms on the up load side are way to high.

I would like to keep it low on my end to compensate for the route it has to take. I seen people test less then 13ms how do I accomplish this?


By the way.. qos if off and Bufferbloat is out of control. Which definitely is now my big problem. Tested up to 90ms.

If I’m using the wrong setup please advise! If I need a super computer please advise! What ever it takes. I'm tired of this crap. No offense!


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Please post the output of:

tc -s qdisc
tc -s qdisc
cat /etc/config/sqm

All with sqm active and running.

Next have a look at the sqm detailed documentation to enable per-internal-host-IP fairness to isolate the two boxes from each other. I can not guarantee that sqm will be the best solution for your problems, but it sounds like there should be some room for improvements, so that maybe things work well enough after some tweaking.

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Have a look at for an issue specific to your router. Also

In such a situation it would be great to immediately follow the no-sqm test with a sqm-on test so that the general network state should not bias the results.

Hi moeller0,

What the $%^&^% is that.... LOL Please explain.

  1. How to do it
  2. Where to do it

I'm not expecting a miracle cure but I know for sure that things can be tweaked and all you smart guys can do it versus people that have no to some knowledge on this stuff.

I want to help you or anyone with as much info as i can. So please be patient as I'm learning more and more everyday.

Thank you

I'll start reading thanks.

Should I buy a different piece of equipment? Money in this situation is not a problem especially if it relieves a big pain in my a!!. LOL


This is a family friendly forum, so please watch your language :wink:

I assume you mean the commands I asked you to run? You will need to log into your router via a terminal window (see for instructions how to do that in case you have not yet tried it) and then paste each of the three commands into that window and hit enter, then copy the output into this thread. Does this help?

We all started from the position, so no worry, you will get up to speed eventually.

No idea, personally I would first try to figure out the root cause, because if it is not the router then exchanging that will not help much.

BTW, what modem are you using? Some intel puma-SoCs seem to have latency issues that are independent of sqm or your router hardware.

Yes... thank you

Got it!

I’ll have to get back to you on model number. I know it’s brand new black surfboard with 2 Ethernet ports on the back it.

I started reading it... R7800 doesn’t look to good. But I’m not done reading.


Boy that's nice.... I wish I can say the same. LOL

I'll find out when I get home in a few hours time. I've been working 3 days with only 8 hours of sleep so far and to deal with crap.


Much appreciated. I don't care what these DD-WRT people say about you guys. JK.. Everyone here is definitely been very responsive and eager to resolve my situation.

I'll pull some logs today for moeller and anyone that wants to look at them.



Can i use this method? or is winscp easier?


Yes, it is a peculiar device, but it can be optimized. My use case is pretty much like yours, but I am on a 50/10 DSL and there are never lag issues no matter what else is happening on the router at the same time: the baseline latency is 11ms spiking up to no more than 20ms under heavy use by other devices.
I do compile my own firmware and use some custom settings. If your cable modem is not Puma based and you are willing to use ssh to connect to the router, I can share my firmware image and the relevant config.

You can access the router via an Admin UI or via an ssh connection. I personally prefer command line ssh clients, but take a look at as it might be easier to use. The idea is to connect to the router and edit config files in-place and/or copy them locally, edit, and then upload to the router.