Packages installation issues when using https

Suddenly, when updating the packages using gui or cli, I get the followinbg message:

opkg_download: Failed to download, wget returned 5.

I cant even find error 5 when searching....

That happen for all links and result in no packages update and installation (of course).
I notice this post:
with this solution from stevennausak:

  1. /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf- changehttps->http`
  2. from ssh opkg install wget-ssl
  3. from /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf - change http -> https
  4. from ssh opkg update for test if it work (and it works)

That partially works:
when changing from https to http, I update the router. The wget-ssl was and still is already installed. And I re-installed it.
When I turn http to https and update, I have the same error coming back.
For me, this solution did not help.
Can someone more expert be so kind to suggest me how to permanently solve this issue?
Thank you.
I did not have this problem in the past. Is quite a new issue.. out of the blue really!
Thank you

Wget may return one of several error codes if it encounters problems.
0 No problems occurred.
1 Generic error code.
2 Parse error---for instance, when parsing command-lineoptions, the .wgetrc or .netrc...
3 File I/O error.
4 Network failure.
5 SSL verification failure.
6 Username/password authentication failure.
7 Protocol errors.
8 Server issued an error response.

Why not upgrade to a stable version rather than using a release candidate?


so, after all is an SSL issue.
I cant find the stable release. I follow the site here:

There is a small update again but is still RC
Yet, I dont understand why suddenly SSL verification fails.
I also have 2 other Openwrt router (one is my main router with ISP configuration) and the other is a second dumb AP.
None of them have the issue and all are RC. As I follow the toh openwrt page.
However, maybe I am missing an updated version that is stable?

increasing the research I found this site:
by default it gives the latest RC version.
But I noticed I can choose a different version and there are versions NOT rc.
I assume rc6 is the latest.
Would that break SSl verification?

Stable version.

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My Bad.. it was under my eyes all along!

I will install it and will see if the ssl issue will stop.

Hi there.
I must say I left this issue alone as had no much priority back than.
I have now installed the stable version but the issue remain.
I even installed the Attended Sysupgrade package (afterf changing the https to http in distfeeds.conf, of course).
Did the upgrade choosing the latest stable (without RC next to the version) 22.03.3
The distfeeds.conf was again with https and therefore my software update list failed again.
Do you or anyone here can have additional way to fix the issue?

post the whole error message.

is your router using the correct date and time ?


That :point_up_2:
If time is not correct, the certificate of the server can be considered invalid and the connection will not be established.

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Now, this is interesting. I rememebr I set NTP servers to have it automatically time and date updates.
Yet, now that you point this out, the all thing is wrong. Now is march 10 2023 13:07. And my system gives:
I did not change the default NTP servers and it seems those gives wrong time.
I changed now with and the 3 pools from and now time is correct and also software update list works.
Thanks a lot people.
Much appreciate

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