OpenWrt Support for Unifi switch 8 (us-8-60w)


we have around 25 Unifi us-8-60w switches ( and want to use OpenWrt on them. From the table of supported hardware it seems not supported.
Can anybody tell me if there are any experiences, ppl tried it or ongoing work on this ? Or this a dead end ?

Open it up, post photos of the PCB, and details of the SoC.

This one?

Dead end. Refer to:

Oh, too bad.
I saw this thread but it refers to a different product line (the mentioned switches do contain SPF ports i.e. , the us-8-60w only ethernet). Also, without opening it up until now but looking at the the us-8-60w device is using a different SOC (BCM53342) while the US-8-150, US-16-150 or US-24-250 devices use BCM53343.
Would this make a diference ?

Yes, that's the one. There's another page with tech details here:

The issue is the switch, for the same reason given in the other thread. You'll be able to boot OpenWrt but with no networking support. Support for this case was added here and the initramfs in the other thread may work with this device too.

Ok, good to know. Thanks anyhow !!