OpenWrt Support for TP-LINK RE305 v1

I recently downloaded and flashed my TP-LINK RE450 v2 with OpenWrt. I have it working rock solid as a repeater. Frankly I am amazed at how stable it is compared to the buggy and hardly working TP-Link firmware that it had before.

That said, I also have a TP-LINK RE305 v1 that I bought over a year ago. It suffers from the same issues that the RE450 v2 had before I installed OpenWrt.

I was wondering if anyone was ever able to get this working or if we could get support for this device in OpenWrt? There was already a page created for it I also see an old archived forum post out there that didn't seem to move much further

I just flashed my TP-Link RE305 v1 with OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r15338-8348896357 and got luci working as well.

  1. Download firmware squashfs-factory.bin to re305 and install through gui, link here:
  2. Now you should have openwrt working but without gui,
    so you have to connect throug SSH (Putty or WinSCP).
    Standard IP, port 22, login root
  3. You have to set up the internet connection to re305
    Via SSH you should be able to ping
    You can use command line (SSH) to change network settings:
    If you use WinSCP you can edit /etc/config/network acording to you router settings
    option ipaddr ''
    option gateway ''
    option dns ''
    Use settings from your working computer
  4. When the connection is setup run 2 commands in SSH
    opkg update
    opkg install luci
    Now you should be able to login through webrowser.

I also have RE450 but my version is 2.1 and I cannot flash openwrt on mine.

Did you try image for RE450 v2? Usually there are no differences between 2.x versions from firmware point of view.

Now it´s working.

Hi I just flashed my RE305 with OpenWrt. I'm wondering if either of you set it up to use WDS or the relay way to extend your network? I've LUCI installed and am trying to figure out how to bridge with my main router.

Hi, I used this guide.

@trongod @petitess @bootsma Any of you who could share some images of the internals of the v1? Would be happy to upload them to the wiki if you don't have a wiki account.

The most interesting one would be the mainboard with serial exposed (no idea how similar the board is to the v3 I have access to).


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Here is my re305 v. Have a good day.


Thanks a lot!

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