OpenWrt support for Mercusys MR70X

It is a rather inexpensive (~50$) WiFi 6 router based on Mediatek platform:

RAM and Flash size is very small, but there are similar devices with full OpenWRT support so I am wondering - is it possible?

One use case can be a Wifi6 AP with 802.11krv support to extend the network (they are disabled in stock firmware).

Yes, assuming there is way to access it and find out how to re-flash it.
I wouldn't be surprise to see a RSA-signed firmware in use there.

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Yes it's possible to build safeloader compatible fw as You might find it on . I've did other thing with MR1800X (MR70X twin device) .Scrap mdt3 (factory) partition ,Flash breed (model xunlei-timeplug) and restore factory mtd3 in breed .Now build openwrt and flash it in breed .All decribed on • Wyświetl temat - Mercusys MR1800X i MR70X wgranie breed + OpenWrt/Padavan .

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Thanks! I'll try using the version provided by the 4pda user to test the wifi roaming capabilities. Also haven't heard about Breed, will look into the second solution as well.

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