OpenWrt support for EA9400

Hi, everyone.

I'm new here and have never used OpenWRT before, only DD-WRT in a D-Link router. Now I'm looking to install the OpenWRT on an EA9400, which has almost the same hardware as the EA9500, and am wondering if @npcomplete or anyone else could give some insight on whether this may work if I use the same method described here for the EA9500 on the EA9400 or if I would probably have to make adjustments on the process so the OpenWRT could be installed and work properly.

Please, let me know what kind of help I could give in order to add the EA9400 in the project.

According to the FCC documents, EA9500 v1/1.1 and EA9400 v1 pretty much have the same motherboard. So you can try flashing EA9500 builds.
Note that the quad-core V2 versions of either aren't supported.

One difference you might encounter is the WiFi not working if your device was shipped with the B1 stepping of BCM4366 chips, due to the different firmware blob required.

IIRC, I think MU-MIMO is broken on BCM4366B1? not like we have MU-MIMO working on BCM4366C0 though lmao

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Thanks, Hurrian.

My router is the EA9400 v1, which, as you said, looks identical in terms of hardware according to the FCC documents. I opened up some of the filings today and found a table listing both the EA9500v1.1 and EA9400 (and only them) which reads "All the models are identical, the different model names served as marketing strategy." and also "The model names in the following table are [sic] all refer to the identical product".

So, even not having an EA9500 at hand to compare, I guess it is safe to assume they are identical.

I have never tried to flash a router using a serial cable, only directly via UI, but I've read the material pinned on the front page and will give it a try. @npcomplete, could you please tell me if there is any major difference when installing flashing a v1.1 vs 1.0 and if there is any difference in functionality?

If it works, I think the EA9400 could be added back to the EA9500 build discussion.



The same for v2:

Correct, this table.

I should've included the source myself, but it didn't occur to me. Thanks

Hi there, @caff85 were you able flash your EA9400 router? I wanted to try the same thing and only found out from you that they actually do have the same hardware. I finally found something to do with my dumb router. lol. Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Hey, sorry for the late response, I've been busy lately.

I haven't had the chance to tackle the "endeavor" yet, and I actually don't know when I will have the time to do so. In any case, I will reply back when I do. If you try it first, I hope you can make it and let us know.


Hey @caff85 I tried the Openwrt firmware on my router and everything worked well except with the WiFi, I guess Hurrian was right about the WiFi. I'll wait and see if there's any workaround, I'll update you if I got it to work.

Hey @caff85, I'm almost done with my build now. I posted some infos on my build on both of the build's official page. If you ever need my help just let me know. You'll never go back to oem firmware after flashing this. Hahahaha


Did you ever get the wifi to work?

Did your EA9400 work with EA9500 openWrt firmware? My EA9400 use OEM firmware but it has some issues with DHCP and connection with other smart home products. If you have any way to install openWRT to EA9400 please help. Thank you so much

There’s a specific driver for our Broadcom Chip. This was the driver that @npcomplete gave to me before: Build for Linksys EA9500

Mine has been working since June when I first tried it. Been using @hurrian build since its more easier to control VLAN with swconfig. Before my 2.4ghz was dropping constantly on OEM firmware, now I don’t even have problems with my router anymore.

No, EA9500 firmware has a different wifi chip compared to EA9400 which is BCM4366. There a firmware that you could download from Hurrian and Npcomplete.