OpenWrt support for Deco X20

Hello there,

So I own 2 Deco x20 and am using them as my main router. Recently I bought a system to install opnsense and I know I would be able to use all the features without openwrt as my wifi access point.

I was wondering if there is anyone who could guide and help me with compiling an image for my Deco.

I see that they are using qualcomm chips so I believe they are doable, forgive me if I am wrong.

I have never done anything like this before so a lot of stuff in there are going over my head. Can you breakdown some stuff. And guide me how and where to begin.

you start by checking the internal photos at

there you'll see it's a Broadcom device, making it of zero interest to openwrt, since the wifi will be crippled, at best.

feel free to search the board for bcm6755.

Can you check out this link.

It says that it is using a Qualcomm processor.

Then you'll need to open it up, and check who's right, FCC or TP-LINK ...

Might want to check if there are several version of it, too.
Chipsets might get swapped between versions/generations.

I guess I'll do that today then. Hopefully TP-Link is.

Quick question, how hard it will be if it's a Qualcomm chip.

currently, only Mediatek AX radios are supported, so in a way, it's still a dead end, at least for now.

but QC AX support is being worked on (in mainline Linux kernel), but is still far from being mature
enough for openwrt support.


Okay thank you. I'll try to open it up and inform you about it.


Yeah so tried to open it up but I couldn't quite figure it out. Can someone help me with that.

Figure what out?

How to open it up

The deco x20 v4 is 1Ghz Dual core Qualcomm IPQ5018 chip. This seems to be chip thats now common for almost all latest versions of Decos. Also the Deco x20 seems to have a recovery page where you can upload a firmware. Could be interesting if anyone is interested as the chip is quite powerful with 2 A53 cores.

Better, but still a no go, for now.

Quick update.

So the deco X20 versions V1, V1.20, and V4 are based on Qualcomm chips.
While versions V2, V2.6, V3, and V3.6 are based on Broadcom chips.

I got V2 :disappointed_relieved:.