OpenWrt Support for Banana Pi BPI-R3

Hi everyone, I’ve just received my Banana Pi r3 and just getting started with it, serial console is ready and connected, sd card burnt is ready with latest Snapshot from official openwrt Just to confirm, i should boot from sd card and install to nand in bootloader menu? After it’s done, power off device, switch boot switch to boot from nand? That’s it?

Few questions

  1. Latest Snapshot is good to go?
  2. Will it update my bootloader as well?
  3. Nand vs nor , anyone using it on nor , what’s performance difference? What’s preferred
  4. Please mention any additional steps needed for process above?

Thanks everyone

I apologize if this post is misplaced or not relevant, but I saw this proposed patch by Ben Greear on the linux-wireless mailing list (which I have only recently begun to browse):

Then the following comment by James Dutton on the patch:

I have used this patch, and it fixes wifi for the mediatek board i
have. the BPI-R3.
Please add it to wireless-next, 6.9-rc

Feel free to add:
Tested-by: James Courtier-Dutton

Kind Regards


So perhaps this patch is useful to improve/fix wifi on BPI-R3.