[Solved] Redundant BPi-R3 entries in the ToH

Referring to this:

Yes, someone renamed the device in the ToH, so all the references are broken in the wiki.

There are two ToH data entries for this:

And two wiki pages:

Would be good to clean it up.

Edit: It has been a while actually...

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What is done so far...

Both of the ToH data entries are mostly in sync now and link to the original device page in the wiki.
Also the references to the ToH have been fixed in that page.

I think we should keep (correct naming with the dash):
And delete as redundant:

Since the second wiki page https://openwrt.org/toh/sinovoip/bananapi_bpi_r3_v1.0_v1.1 was created unintentionally, it should be deleted.

Is there any content in there worth saving?
Can someone owning the device confirm?


@RaylynnKnight - are you able to help with this?

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I'm not sure I have correct permissions for deleting pages! I'll take a look at it later this weekend when I have time.


Thanks. Let us know what you find.

The device page in the wiki is not a real problem.
It can be "deleted" by saving an empty page, as I found out.

The data entry can only be deleted by someone with admin rights in the wiki, if I understand correctly.

Saving an empty page appears to work for the data entry page also! The redundant page has now been removed.


Thanks @RaylynnKnight ! You're a hero!

Good to know, thanks!

And thank you for the support, @psherman !

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Hello all!!
Pleas recovery this page :https://web.archive.org/web/20240316042022/https://openwrt.org/toh/sinovoip/bananapi_bpi_r3_v1.0_v1.1 or add informatioms in new wiki .

Thank you!!

we have a champion here... :rofl:

There is a wiki page for this device:

What information are you missing?

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Flash Layout and create data partition and resize eMMC missing.
Install openwrt in eMMC is very god expication for newbie.
My opinion!!

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