OpenWrt Support for Armor G5 (NBG7815)

tried it today as i'm trying to go back to stock firmware

root@OpenWrt:/tmp# wget
Downloading ''
Connecting to
Writing to ''
change_boot_partitio 100% |*******************************|  1404   0:00:00 ETA
Download completed (1404 bytes)
root@OpenWrt:/tmp# sh
: not line 4:
: not line 6: line 41: syntax error: unexpected end of file (expecting "then")

so in this case no git client or winscp or anything can mess with encoding

I don't understand, now if i change the boot order it still boots to the old openwrt

this is missing line dd if=/dev/mtd2 of=boot.bin bs=336 count=1 but I later did the same with this line

If I understand it correctly there are two partitions with full firmware, sysupgrade should install bin to the other then current partition and then once I swap boot.bin in the /dev/mtd2 and /dev/mtd3 router should boot the newly flashed firmware?

use below command to convert file into unix version :

sed -i.bak 's/\r$//'

EDIT: I've updated github repo to proper unix format

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For those who wants back to original software (v6):

Original kernel:

Original rootfs:

Use dd tool to flash partitions (like in script).

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Before, you could use "" to change to factory firmware from openwrt. Is it still possible?

Connected to the 10GbE port with a 10GbE nic on linux I got 2.20ish Gigabits

Also does anyone know if the port should work at 10GbE or do I need to change any config ?

ethtool will tell you if 10GBASE-T could get established or not. I wouldn't expect ipq8072a to reach 10 GBit/s effective throughput without NSS offloading, which is not available in OpenWrt (yet - and most likely never, although there is much headroom for improvement with rather 'simple' (simple things, but not easy to achieve) ethernet/ switch driver improvements (e.g. checksum offloading)).

For details feel free to search this forum for "NSS", the situation is (very) similar for ipq806x and ipq807x (and ipq60xx/ ipq50xx).

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I ever test NIC performance with stock firmware. The stock firmware has build-in iperf. I tested it with AQC 10G NIC and Windows server. Even with stock firmware, 10G port throughtput performance is about 5G with multiple iperf connections.

Acting as iperf/ iperf3 endpoint has quite different needs than 'just' passing it through (even more so with NSS offloading at work).

5GBit it's better than the 2.25GBit that I'm getting now...

AFAIR there was someone in this thread mentioning that 10GbE is somewhat limited to ~2,5GbE. But nobody was able or willing to confirm this observation/issue.

As this is my first device >=2,5GbE I'm not able to test anything in this direction. Most of the ppl. here are in the same boat as I am.

If you look into:
-> There are still issues with AQR107 until today. And if I read it right you can reach not more then about ~8Gb/s in real life.

Did you try to enable Software-Offload (in OpenWrt Firewall settings)?

The link form above:

# ethtool -k enp4s0 | fgrep receive-offload
generic-receive-offload: off
large-receive-offload: off

To fix the slow mode, all I had to do was:

ethtool -K lan0 rx-vlan-offload off   # this already fixed the perf
ethtool -K lan0 rx-vlan-offload on    # switching this back kept the perf

So basically switch it "off" and then "on" again. It should be "on" by default. Maybe it helps.

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From a China web site, it shows that IPQ8074A has build-in 5Gb MAC.
That's why ARMOR G5 gets 4.XGb performance.

高通芯片方案的Wi-Fi6路由器汇总和推荐 - 十佳测评 (

I ever test itorK firmware wiith IPERF3. Throughput is about 4.XGb. Only slightly less than stock firmware. I have already updated to snapshot firmware. It is quite stable. I think it is no need to care about NSS offload.

My device is not anymore reachable the moment I activate Wlan. At least it isn't via the lan zone, I still can reach it over the wireguard interface though which is in the same firewall zone. Any ideas? Cheers!

Is it possible to upload firmware OpenWrt the file "zyxel_nbg7815-squashfs-factory.bin" directly here? Is there something wrong with the snapshots?

I was wondering if this OpenWrt can be uploaded here

it can't, that site needs zyxel RAS image, actually openwrt is only in FIT format.


I installed openwrt but the device keeps restarting.

I press a key to "Interrupt autoboot" in the uboot console, but it has no effect and counts three, two, one and reboots the device.

What can I do about it?

Are you connecting correctly Rx Tx?