OpenWrt Support for Armor G5 (NBG7815)

Hi everyone! Is there any chances to see OpenWRT for NBG7815 (ZyXEL Armor G5) ?
Stock firmware is terrible... they still use SMBv1

It depends on the the question if ZyXEL locked down the bootloader by enabling (and enforcing-) secure boot, or if you can boot alternative firmwares. The SOC itself would be supportable and the router looks like a nice device with OpenWrt in mind, but don't expect a turn-key solution (follow the ax3600 thread for some hints about the progress on supporting devices with this SOC).

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Thank's for link

Might also be interesting to you, as it explains early device investigation steps for a similar device.

Thank's i'll see, but i'm not strong in router progamming despite the fact that I'm programmer )