OpenWrt status refresh time change

hello everyone i am using openwrt bt home hub5. I want the page with all the information on the main page to be displayed at 1 second intervals.
I could set it to a maximum of 2 seconds. How can I set this setting to 1 second?

see if Change refresh intervall? still lworks

thanks for the reply how can i do this in 1 second

that was what the other thread was about, but it seems the value isn't in there anymore, don't bother.

sed -i -r 's/(XHR.poll\()[0-9]+(,)/\160\2/' /usr/lib/lua/luci/view/admin_status/index.htm

I don't know which value to apply as 1 second here :frowning:

I think you can still set uci set luci.main.pollinterval=1 per this commit. I might be wrong.

i tried this but it didn't work

Did you uci commit after? Worked for me on the status overview page.

Yup. refreshes for at least 2 seconds be clear, are you saying that it in fact lowered page refresh interval to ~2 seconds?

Or are you trying to fix a slowly loading overview page?

...because if it lowered from 5 to 2 seconds, I would consider it solved (due to CPUs etc., that's probably as fast as most devices will refresh - which is pretty quick).

yes it currently has a 2 second overview refresh interval. but i want to do this for 1 second

OK, we are clear. So you successfully set the router to 1 second; but in your opinion it's 2?

Did you count the actual time it takes CPUs, NIC, etc. to transfer and process this data?

It seems you're literally asking the screen to flash and have become a little concerned you notice the speed (or lack thereof in your opinion)?

yes, it does a 2 second refresh on the status page. frankly if it was 1 second it would be good for me

I'm not sure you're maybe someone else should help. But I'll try once more and bid you well.

I think if you want to literally see one second refreshes on your web browser - timed by a stopwatch, you may need a router and computer with more CPUs. What's the real use case, are you bench-marking the device?

It seems you have forgotten that your router is not the only device involved in the speed of loading a web page...and TBH, I'm confused:

  • If you set the router to 1 second
  • How are you deciding that it's taking 2 seconds? :man_shrugging:
  • :spiral_notepad: Additionally, the router has to execute programs to display the page

are you kidding me? Uptime is displayed on the overview screen. If you don't know about this, stop criticizing me.

The uptime is drawn from the router, I'm not kidding you. If your router doesn't contain a RTC...that's not actual time. Most embedded devices don't (that's what NTP syncing is for).

Also, your computer has to receive and process the data (it also has to be rendered by the backend of the browser software)...that takes actual time - as well as the TX and RX of the data in the network cards...what would I be kidding about?

Also...are you saying that you're making screenshots of the time on the browser and that's your seems like you're kidding me...?

Lastly, I never criticized you.

It takes nearly 3-4 ms for a connection...this is just establishments of TCP, not the data transfer itself, those 2 packets would be 8-12 ms...or over 1/10th of a second. I have not even counted data TX and RX times in the cards, CPU, etc.


I'm not sure what your screenshot is showing me. I see my quote and I see a picture...

Is it supposed to convey a point or show that I was somehow incorrect?

And why are you showing uptime of a DSL line and not the Uptime of the OpenWrt device?

That's even worse.

uptime is updated every 3 seconds

I'm lost how a picture is conveying maybe you missed my point.


Is there a reason you're showing the interface uptime (which as I noted the device has to run a program to get before loading it into HTTP/S and not:


Also, I asked:

You seem to be overlooking that your router has to prepare the data, send it, and it be processed by the receiving machine. A second or 2 is not long.

:warning: BTW, this will slightly take away from the Upload and Download speed of your router when the web GUI is open.

Also, you're not counting the time it takes to actually make a screenshot (i.e. reloading the page same thing). :wink: