OpenWrt status refresh time change

none of what you said is solving my problem

I guess you aren't serious. Sorry to bother you.

As long as the browser is requesting the data every 1 second, then that’s as good as you can expect. It may take the router more than 1 second to gather and return ALL the dynamic data on that page, not just the data you’re interested in. Look at the html page source to see if the pollinterval is 1 to be sure.


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Excellent summary. Perhaps this is more clear than my math attempt. :+1:

Someone CMIIW if I misread the code, I did not completely reverse engineer it, and the code is a bit convoluted with a whole queueing system and all. But here's what I superficially see:

  • LuCI already runs a one-second (1000 ms) internal interval timer
  • it keeps track when the last update happened
  • if the interval timer is triggered and the last update was longer ago than the update interval setting, it will trigger reloading the values
  • the XHR requests on a Lantiq router with DSL values on the front page cumulatively take about 1.3 seconds
  • LuCI will (understandably) not trigger another update while an update is in process

In summary: Updates can only happen at 1-second boundaries, and if an update (like in this case) takes longer than 1 second to process, the next update can only happen at the next whole-second boundary.

1 second updates are not achieveable in this case, the lowest you can get is 2 seconds.


I replaced the value here with 1. Is this setting sufficient?
old settings

pollinterval = luci.config.main.pollinterval or 5,

new settings

pollinterval = luci.config.main.pollinterval or 1,

If you set 1 second for the polling interval, you will still only get a new update after the previous one finished, at the next polling interval. In your case the update takes 1.3 seconds, consequently the next polling interval that could request an update happens after 2 seconds.

You can not get 1 second updates if the request for the data takes more than 1 second to finish. It is simply not possible.

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