Openwrt router as an Wi-FI AP via an ethernet access to a main router

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  1. So, now I have a task to connect my OpenWrt router via ethernet to a main router/modem, and made the openwrt as an access point for WI-FI.

  2. My main router is Altice FiberGateway 6. I've read a manual and only a think I understand that It has a both WAN and LAN type of physical interfaces is 10/100/1000BASE-T AUTO-MIX Ethernet type over RJ45 connectors. But on the surface of the router. I didn't found something as a WAN port.

Please, help me to find a proper guidance to complete the task.

And as an additional information. If you could provide it here, I would like to install a VPN into the OpenWrt router. Please, give me a route directly for this task too.

I've got LuCi web and will be trying to pass via CLI if something not possible to install through the web interface.

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You want to configure your OpenWrt router as a dumb AP. See this guide:

you wouldn't want to use the WAN anyway, unless it was the uplink from the main router to the internet. If you have a fiber connection, it's likely occupying a wan port that is specific for fiber (may or may not be labeled wan).

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I've figured out that the Altice FiberOptic even doesn't have a fiber physical port. I've found It has RJ45 is TEL, usb-c, coax, and two LAN ports.

Thanks for your replied, unfortunately Wireless AP won't matching to my task condition. Because it doesn't support DHCP, DNS and firewall. If I understand correct VPN will not work as on of the secure approach.

Can you please tell me what kind of options more do I have to solve my issue?

Thank you so much!

Sounds like you have a dsl connection (common for fiber to the node type connections).

If the Alice device is simply a modem, you will want to use your openwrt device in standard routing mode. Basically the default configuration except likely you need to use PPPoE for the wan protocol. Connect an Ethernet cable between your Alice device lan port and your openwrt devices wan port. Then configure your pppoe connection (if appropriate) and you should be good.

If that doesn’t work or doesn’t seem right, you need to contact your isp and ask them how to setup your devices.

This review is quite awful.

the comments to the video indicate it should be possible to get it into bridged mode.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks a lot to all of you for your reply. So, let me explain to you what I got. Of course I've got questions.

First of all,
I've tried to install PPPoE it doesn't work. I think an issue is related to a current firmware function of the openwrt router. I guess or maybe I'm wrong. The point is when I was setting up a new interface, I didn't have an option to select - Adapter Ethernet WAN. I had only - Switch Ethernet WAN. Anyway It is not work.
Question: Am I right or wrong?

The second think is interesting.
2.1 The point is I've been using two machines a windows machine and macbook. To use the Win machine I've set up LAN (br-lan) and the OWrt router accessed to a main router through the Ethernet cable. But I've a web access to OWrt router through the Win machine while I'm getting a Wi-Fi connection from a main router.

2.2. But when I'm getting a Wi-Fi connection to the main router for my Macbook I don't have the web access to OWrt. When I'm getting Wi-Fi connection of the OWrt router for my Macbook I've an Internet but I don't have the web access to the OWrt router.

Can you please explain to me about all the moments what I've described.

My main task is to setting up OWrt router as a secure and stable Wi-Fi based on VPN, avoid DNS leakage, and etc. But now I could see that I'm still couldn't handle with that properly.

Thanks in advance.

If you have an ISP device i front of Openwrt, you don't need PPPoE.

Then you need to connect it using the WAN port, and make sure all clients connect to internet via the Openwrt device, that's not a dumb AP.

It doesn't work when I plug in an Ethernet cable to the WAN port on the OWrt router. Can you please share a list of steps by following to a desire of achieving all the feature configurations what I've shared before.

I mean, I need the steps configuration PPPoE interface to work with Altice Gateway6 which one doesn't have a physical WAN port.

Thanks in advance!


no, you don't need PPPoE on OpenWRT

if ISP device is works as expected, and providing internet, then your OWRT will be behind ISP modem, like any other device
in this case, best is to reset OWRT to defaults and left OWRT WAN port as it is, dhcp client
it will get a address from ISP device, and from there, you could continue to configure your router

yes, it will be double NAT-ed,
yes it could be a problem for port forwarding,
yes it could be solved with public VPN gateway

Hi there,

Thank a lot to everyone. Everything fine works.

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