OpenWrt on TalkTalk router (Huawei HG633 ? )

I have just dug out an old TalkTalk router and was thinking about trying to install OpenWrt on it. After logging in to it, there seems to be very little information presented and no options for configuring anything, although it does that it is Open Source.
Some searching suggests that it is actually a Huawei HG633, but I can't find this listed as an OpenWrt supported router.
Has anyone used one of these routers or attempted to put OpenWrt on it?
Maybe I should look to see if dd-wrt supports it...


Your TalkTalk router is probably a DSL modem-router.

There is no Openwrt for any TalkTalk DSL modem router. The only UK ISP supplied modem-router with OpenWrt support, are the widely available/retired 2013+ BT Home Hub 5A/Plusnet Hub One.

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I'm not really too bothered about the DSL interface, just the routing capabilities such as setting up a VLAN.