Huawei HG633 firmware

I'm trying to find the original firmware since my router's is modded by my ISP "TEData". The reason i want to change to original firmware is they blocked SSH access. I can access it but says "command failed" to every command. Can i find the original firmware somewhere ? or any work around to get SSH to work?. I want to force Fast Path instead of Interleaved as my channel type. Any help is appreciated

You should ask Huawei, then.

I did. They told me to contact the retailer which is my ISP. And it's a dead end. All i want to do is to enable the SSH access doesn't matter which firmware.I would use OpenWrt if it supported my router!

Is there a specific reason you can't just buy another modem/router? Many ISP don't care about what hardware you use.

Which router do you recommend? I need something that is SSH enabled and also supports VDSL.

Lantiq vr9/ vrx2xx is the only option with integrated VDSL modem support, with being one of the best options available.