OpenWrt on RPI4 - All configuration saved after card format

Hi All,
I've used Win32DiskImager to write the OpenWRT bcm27xx Squalshfs image onto a 64Gb MicroSD Card.
I've inserted it into RPI4 and everything work perfectly.
Then I formatted the SD card (deleted all the partitions via Windows Disk Manger so it was all unallocated and formatted it as NTFS).

Then I wrote the image to the SD card again, and to my surprise all the OpenWRT configurations from before the format were saved.
How can this be? Is it related to the hidden F2FS partition? Is there a way to format/reburn the SD card with the default OpenWRT configurations?


quick or full?

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That was my assumption as well, that the bytes stays on the cards, and once the same FS is installed again, it get access to them.
But the config is taken from /etc/config, no? shouldn't these files be re-written while writing the image again?

no, modified configs are taken from /overlay/.../etc/config

overlayfs is not part of vanilla images... waste of download space / data...

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Got it.
Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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